Console Wars

May 1, 2009

Game console wars have probably never been as heated as this current generation. With every man and his dog owning a Wii, Microsoft have been trying all sorts of tactics to broaden their Xbox 360 demographic, Sony have been very honest and patient while still sticking by the claim that their PS3 will be a ’10 year console’ and it seems almost every console owner on the internet is doing the whole fanboy routine of attacking every console they don’t own while defending their own.

What is sad though is when the big companies themselves start acting all fanboyish. Microsoft have looked stupid numerous times by attacking the Wii with claims like it’s not for real or hardcore gamers and it’s not even a gaming console but rather a toy. But it’s not even those childish attacks that hurt them the most. It’s the fact that they are putting their competition down, rather than actually talking up their own product.

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