iPad test

July 27, 2011

So this is a test blog from my iPad. It is surprisingly easy to type, especially in portrait/horizontal mode with the bigger keyboard. I guess I should try to add a link or a picture to see if it’s as easy as on the computer…


Hmm, that seemed super easy. In a way, almost more simple than on the computer. I assume you can only add pics that are already on your iPad library but I might try to link to a pic on the web now…


Okey dokey, so simply cutting and pasting the image address didn’t work but thankfully the iPad can sort of multi-task (double click the home button to list and swap between apps), so I have opened Safari up, quickly saved the image to my iPad and should be able to add it like I did with the cat pic above, that was on my iPad before I started this blog.


Ok so this is crazy! I am finding it easier and quicker than wordpress on my desktop through Internet explorer…

I don’t think this app supports all the different tools like fonts and colours etc, but it seems a great way to blog when you are lying in bed or on the lounge etc and then save it and add polish later when you get to your desktop.

Now I am adding another pic…




New project: Making a game of it…

March 23, 2010


Just a little teaser of my latest hobby and project… building an arcade cabinet!

The sides

I had the pieces cut by troy@arcadeworx.com.au who is one of the most helpful and friendly guys you could ever deal with. He even let me design my own marquee and door as you’ll see in the next few pics.

Yep, that's an L!

... and Death Note will be the theme!

The ‘H’ will be cut-out and I will add the inside pieces of the ‘D, A and O’ to a mesh or perspex backing later. Superb job by the way!

Speaker grills

Nice, simple control panel

The cabinet will hold my media centre PC I showed in an earlier blog and run all the emulators pretty much, which will equate to thousands and thousands of games.

Most of the pieces shown here

I decided to stick with a modern LCD (24″) for the screen, rather than the old school CRT look. I felt the emu’s can add scanlines and effects well enough to give the original look and the widescreen and hi-res will be perfect for more recent stuff like Dreamcast and the odd PC game like Street Fighter 4 for example.

Quick 3 in 1 sealer, primer and undercoat

The cabinet will be a slightly glossy black if things go to plan. I’ve got an idea for some Death Note laminate and possibly even a plexi-glass top for the control panel, but that will be way down the track if it happens.

Spray paint test on some scrap

I never was a ‘bomber’ when I was younger so have no spray can experience but hopefully I’ll manage. While painting the undercoat I kept waiting for Mr Miyagi to come in and teach me some karate…

The garage - where I'll be spending the next few months...

The plan is to get all the pieces painted then assemble it all upstairs, inside. I received the joysticks, keyboard/button encoders and some other little bits today so am just waiting on the buttons, t-moulding and some other stuff. It’s going to be a fun project to work on and even moreso if I can actually pull it off!

Random stuff: WoW screens

November 20, 2009

Some random screen grabs from my World of Warcraft adventures…



Horde assassination attempt on Stormwind King... got him down to 1% yet failed!



If you can't beat them - dance with them! Me dancing with some Horde outside of ZF.

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I’m no artist, but…

May 4, 2009

I started drawing last year when I got bored. I’m definitely not an artist, but I really enjoy it. Once I get over that hump of actually sitting down and taking the time that is.

Here’s a few drawings or sketches, or whatever the correct word is…


Was supposed to be Light from Death Note

Was supposed to be Light from Death Note

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I’m a Mac fan but…

April 29, 2009

… I still have a heap of parts left from my old Windows PC so I am making my first Media Centre!

Well they’re not really ‘old’ parts because the cpu is actually the same model and speed as is in my beloved Mac and the ram and hard drive are pretty much the same too. So even though it is running Windows (gulp!), it should be a pretty fast media centre computer.

I’ve had many desktop cases over the years and am aware of the Mac mini, but the case is what I was initially attracted to and am really loving! Check it out…

Antec Fusion Remote

Antec Fusion Remote

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