COD = Campers Of Duty

As the title says…

I’ve been playing the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 game on PS3 a lot lately and am really quite disappointed.

Never before have I seen so much camping and scared hiding. You get the UAV/GPS and the red dots (indicating players) do not move. Ever. Well, not until the lone person running around the map kills them.

Now I’ve never been someone to really complain about camping or to really think that staying in a certain spot (with a long range weapon especially) was all that bad, but this game is on an entirely different level of camping and it really ruins the fun.

I doubt that overnight MW2 was released and suddenly every online gamer decided they wanted to stop looking for fun in killing other players and hide in a corner and let the suckers come to them for an easy kill, so much as the game itself asks that you camp if you want to succeed.

The way the (smaller than COD4) levels are designed, the way the overpowering and much too quick to reload secondary weapons have been paired with the primary’s and the overall beefed up options (firepower, perks, over-the-top kill streaks) for offense seems to have made the regular run and gun style of playing seem way out of place.

This game has got it all wrong. On one hand they try to ruin the popular franchise by turning it into a realistic weapon version of the fast paced, no brains Quake games and on the other hand the design of the levels and available offense has contradicted what they seemed to be trying to improve on after the amazing COD 4 Modern Warfare.

Oh and the servers and network connections. Or lack thereof… if a record number of people own this game then why the hell is it so damn difficult to find a good connection? The usually iffy EA showed some brains (and appreciation of their customers) by actually setting up local Australian servers for a simple downloadable title in Battlefield 1943 and it worked wonders. How can a company with so much money and resources rip-off their many millions of paying customers by not setting up dedicated servers around the world?

Screw COD MW2. I’m not going to accept a B grade offering when the original was so much better and I’m actually going to have the balls to so say so rather than being a sheep and continue playing because everyone else is.

Bring on Battlefield: Bad Company 2 in March.


One Response to COD = Campers Of Duty

  1. unknowntheartist says:

    HEAR, HEAR! I think it’s rubbish too- you shouldn’t have to bow out of a game with a shite connection and have that go against your count because MW2 has no bloody Aussie servers. What did they do with all the money everyone paid out?
    It should, at the very least allow you to see the connection and let you bow out before throwing you into an international server and wasting a full game against you.

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