Random stuff: WoW screens

Some random screen grabs from my World of Warcraft adventures…



Horde assassination attempt on Stormwind King... got him down to 1% yet failed!



If you can't beat them - dance with them! Me dancing with some Horde outside of ZF.


Alliance preparing for yet another loss at Wintergrasp...



Random spelling mistake from quest giver


What do you do when you see a glitch put a shark out in the open?

What do you do when you see a glitch that puts a shark where he's not supposed to be?



Punch him in the face of course!



You're telling me you don't do MJ dancing while waiting for the tram?



Nothing interesting, just thought this one was a nice camera view



Gold sellers advertising in Stormwind



Had to laugh at these guys and couldn't pass up a photo opportunity...



...as they paid tribute to Don Carlos



Hi ladies! Wait...i'll be right back!



Ok, that's more like it! Wanna ride?



This Murloc put a spear right through me



Another glitch - this time my mate keeps his flight path bird!



And kept it all the way to Deadmines!



Trick or Treat? Ninja outfit from Halloween event



Is that a bottle in your pocket or are you just happy to have me stare at you while passed out on the bar counter?



Hmmm, I think I chose the wrong boat...



Stormwind going crazy when NPC glitch gives out free epic gear!



I pity the fool who doesn't laugh at this face!



Cool quest when you travel through time to fight alongside yourself!



Hitchin' a ride on a croc!



The man himself...



Xmas in WoW - where your mount becomes something more familiar!



We're gonna need a bigger boat!



Is it a bird or a plane? Nope, just a well timed snapshot!





























One Response to Random stuff: WoW screens

  1. unknowntheartist says:

    That was a great set of pics! I didn’t know there was many glitches, especially such obvious ones like a shark in the snow!

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