I’ve just about given up on Play-Asia

Play-Asia – a seemingly great way to shop for videogames. You can import stuff that is either hard to find or never to be released in your country and find good bargains due to positive currency conversions or full-English, region free Asian versions. If you are patient… I’ve ordered through Play-Asia for years and they have always been great. Nice to deal with via email and with quick, safe shipping. But my recent order has changed my mind on this online store.

I ordered a few games 2 weeks ago. Both were yet to be released but fully paid for, however when the release date arrived, suddenly my order was changed to ‘available in 5-15 days’. Ok, so maybe these games were popular and I was late in line.

But then my order status updates to show one of the games had arrived and being held in my order, which had changed to ‘preparing for shipping’. Then the other games arrive and suddenly the first game was no longer being held for me. WTF?!

I can understand if a store (of any kind) is simply holding something for you, in hope that you may actually buy it and then if a paying customer comes along then they can take that item off hold and sell it to them, but I had fully paid for these games and Play-Asia had no right to take them out of my incomplete order just to fill someone elses order that would then be complete and ready for shipping. I know they have a ‘stock levels my change’ disclaimer but this is just bullshit.

So yesterday, I slowly accept that my order has been changed to say ‘expected to ship on October 27’. Even though the games had all been in stock at seperate times and their maximum expected time of restock was 15 days (I ordered on Oct 1). So I decide that since my order was delayed, I could add another game I had been chasing, that had now been added to the ‘in stock’ and available to ship in 24 hours list.

The game gets fully paid for and added to my order, showing that it is in stock and being held with the rest of my order. However, tonight this game has been removed and changed to the 5-15 days shipping bullshit!

The store really seems to have dropped it’s customer service standards and I’ve lost a lot of trust and respect for them because of this. I sent them a pretty cranky email, asking them to explain. If I am not satisfied with their response I will be asking them to cancel the whole order and refund my full payment.

In times of so called ‘financial crisis’ you would think stores would want to keep their customers happy and loyal, but Play-Asia has done the opposite to me.

Update: So I did receive a reply email. However, there was no apology, no manners, just the most annoying, robotic message to say all but one item was in stock and being held for me and the remaining item is due soon.

A day later, I get an email that says my order was ready and has been shipped. Finally!

Or not… the f’ing thing has been sent as a ‘partial’ order and one of the games that I was just told was in stock and being held is not being sent because it is not in stock.

This is f’ing ridiculous!


One Response to I’ve just about given up on Play-Asia

  1. unknowntheartist says:

    I totally feel your pain. It’s a puzzling policy to give away something that has been paid for. It’s like taking an item out of someone’s layby, it’s against policy and extremely disrespectful to the first customer.
    I’m sure there may be some by-law that is being bypassed here.
    It seems like the full 3 items will never be in stock at the same time if they continue in this fashion. Good on you for putting Play Asia on blast for their poor customer service.

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