A blast from the past: Powered by tech of the present

So the Media Centre/Gaming PC has been built and it’s all up and running with the TV, surround system and new entertainment unit, so all that’s left to do is finish setting up all the games and media and sit back and enjoy! I’ve started by playing some old N64 games… in HD on a 50″ Plasma!


Bond, James Bond. Goldeneye 007 to be exact!

Bond, James Bond. Goldeneye 007 to be exact!


“Whoa! HD?! But the N64 was low resolution and even for back then, looked blurry and foggy!” Indeed it was…But what we have here is a PC ’emulator’. Software that (strangely enough!) emulates hardware, like the N64 here for example. Now provided you have the original games, you can run digital versions on your computer through these emus (again, no need to give a long history lesson if you’re new to this because that’s what Google and Wiki are for…) and make them look and run better than ever!


Wave Race - start your engines!

Wave Race - start your engines!



Now the examples below will show a few games in their native N64 resolution of 320×240 (simulated as best as possible) and what my computer is currently outputting them at, 1366×768 (keeping the pic sizes the same to best compare).


Goldeneye - 320x240

Goldeneye - SD

Goldeneye - HD

Goldeneye - HD



Obviously the resolution increase is nice (and needed on big screens to avoid massive pixelation) but where the ‘tech of the present’ kicks in is when texture filters and other graphical enhancements are added.


Wave Race - SD

Wave Race - SD

Wave Race - HD

Wave Race - HD




Anisotropic filtering and anti-aliasing for example, help clean things up and while the games won’t suddenly look as good as current HD console games, they look a helluva lot better than they originally did and are given a new life on your new big screen.

I’m very nostalgic when it comes to music and games. I love to spend a decent amount of time remembering my favourites and often reliving them. The few hours I’ve spent so far since the new setup have been amazing. There are so many old games that are still a blast to play and that a lot of newer games don’t hold a candle to. And hey, let’s face it, how many of us had 50″ screens back when we were playing our SNES, N64 or Genesis/Megadrive?!

Game on!!


2 Responses to A blast from the past: Powered by tech of the present

  1. technokitty09 says:

    Looking good, Ben!

    Games sure look good, cleaned up 🙂

  2. tripppy says:

    nice site. you should disable the web preview(snapshots)

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