Cool apps: Delicious Library 2

I recently stumbled upon a great cataloging program for Mac called Delicious Library 2.

Catalog your books, movies, music, software, toys, tools, electronics, & video games.

It’s extremely useful for the large game collection we have and will be even moreso for our 500 or so DVD’s.


A sample from the official website

A sample from the official website

 Digital catalogs are handy for a number of reasons. The first thing I thought of, which is also echoed on the official website is in case you are robbed or your house burns down. As anyone who has had their computer’s hard drive fail and having lost thousands of mp3’s would tell you, it’s usually your memory (or lack of) that prevents you from ever putting your library completely together again. So the same would go for dvd’s, books, games etc.

Another cool feature let’s you drag any item to names in your Address Book and keep track of who has borrowed what and with the help of iCal, you can get reminders of how long they’ve had them for. If only I had all this 15 years ago and actually had my all of my rare 12″ records and impossible to find VHS tapes returned to me…


An example of my game library

An example of my game library


So you can manually add your items and often have them found by the program through online stores (Amazon etc) and then automatically enter the info and pic for you, or if you have a barcode scanner or webcam you can scan the barcode of your item and save a lot of time.

Other nice features include the ability to publish your library to the web in a nice, clean html format, support for the Apple remote, ‘Three Click Selling’ which let’s you easily choose items to sell on Amazon and streamline the whole process, currency conversion and iPod syncing to take your library with you.

Picture 3

You can catalog anything you like!


Now, I got my copy through the recent MacHeist bundle, which included about 10 apps and games for about the price of the program itself but the $40 US price is well worth it, as this is one cool app!


One Response to Cool apps: Delicious Library 2

  1. unknowntheartist says:

    It makes everything look so much more neater! Can you imagine what ours would look like if we put my hundreds of CDs in the library too? Sensory overload!

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