Around the house: New AV set-up

So we finished building the previously mentioned work in progress, Media Centre PC and let me tell you – it is awesome! Fast, cool, quiet and easy to use!

I’ve used PC’s on big screen LCD’s before, but on our 50″ plasma, the resolution and overall picture quality is amazing! None of the colour gradient or resizing problems I’ve seen in the past. Either plasmas are THAT much better or the Nvidia video drivers have improved a lot in the last couple years. Movies looked hot, I can’t wait to try some games!

The case however, was a little too large to fit beside the PS3 in our old cabinet so I did a bit of quick thinking (and shopping) and picked up a bargain, display model entertainment unit…




The black glass look really suits our equipment and the extra space and shelves allow the subwoofer to come off the carpet and the media centre pc fits nicely beside it.

I’m a liiiittttle worried about the 40kg weight of the tv and it being totally stable up there but I think it should be ok. Let’s hope the upcoming Dance Dance Revolution marathons don’t cause too many shakes and vibrations…

So the media centre experiment turned out nicely and we ended up with a sexy new set-up too! Pity I have to work over the next 4 days…


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