Is a cheap crap game still a crap game?

So i’ve been thinking about my current PS3 game collection (53 and counting) and how much fun I’ve got in there and just how many bargains I’ve managed to snap up.

Sure there are the must-buys like MGS4 and Killzone 2 for example but I’m sure a lot of people would raise an eyebrow or even laugh at some of the titles.

I can admit, quite a few of them are average and not worth close to the rrp of $100-$110 but if I can get a game for $20-$40 and get some decent enjoyment out of it, then great!

I see a lot of sense or even value to this and am happy with all of the games and their respective prices in my collection.

Even something like The Darkness for example. I picked up this from a nice Play-Asia sale, also while the Aussie dollar was neck and neck with the US, for about $18AU. That’s a bargain and a half in my book! It didn’t win any awards but it’s a solid first person shooter with some unique twists and a decent story. It could take a week or two to finish (or ‘clock’ as we called it when we were kids) and certainly provide $18 worth of entertainment. Plus, as I’ve done all of my gaming life with all types of games (good and bad), I’ll more than likely go back and play it again for whatever reason, way down the track and get even more value.

If I look at something like going to the cinema and walking out thinking the movie sucked I see the ticket price and average cost of food and drinks to amount to something around $25 or so. All for two hours of crapness (i.e. the Aussie comedy in disguise Gabriel) that I’ll never get back. Thankfully my other half and I have a great knack for choosing the right movies, but you get my point.

I better mention as well that my awesome younger brother has added about 10 games to my collection through kindess and his not wanting to play a lot of games more than once but looking at the rest of the list, I barely paid full price for any of them.

Some examples… $15 each for 007 Quantum of Solace and Devil May Cry 4, $25 for Half Life Orange Box, $18 Ghost Recon 2, $20 Simpsons, $50 each for Mirrors Edge and Dead Space.

I think I’ve done well! And unlike every other console I’ve owned (which included a Dreamcast, Gamecube and Saturn) I won’t be selling or trading my PS3 and games because I deeply regret having done that so many times before.

Ok, I’m off to read some reviews to see if Bourne Conspiracy is worth $25 or not…


One Response to Is a cheap crap game still a crap game?

  1. unknowntheartist says:

    Hello. I can say from experience that a cheap crappy game can always surprise you as we realised from QOS. I hope Bourne works the same for you- I’m pretty sure you’ve added that to our games haul now…

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